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Sydney: Gestrandeter Weißer Hai gerettet

Ein junger Weißer Hai wurde gerettet, nachdem er im australischen Sydney gestrandet ist.

Das von Strandbesuchern am Manly Beach entdeckte Tier wurde von den Behörden zunächst zur Beobachtung in einen meerwasserführenden Tümpel gebracht. (Videoquelle: APTN)

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Rob Townsend (Manly Sea Life Sanctuary): "Well, it’s hard to say at the moment but obviously for it, especially a strong shark, like a white shark to end up on the beach. There’s usually some underlying issue. It’s not, you know, they don’t just get washed up by a big wave, you know, there may be some underlying infection or some injury that’s not immediately obvious.

Because they are one of these animals that prefer the ocean open, an enclosed space like this is not ideal for the species. And so they have trouble navigating enclosed areas like this because they are used to just being able to swim wherever they want."